9 Best eCommerce Platforms to Kick Off Your Online Business

Online sales are projected to reach $8 trillion by 2027. Do you want your business to be part of this?

This figure might have convinced you that eCommerce is surely a money-making tool, isn’t it?

There are millions of eCommerce sites out there. It may seem complicated to be part of the crowd and still stand out but it is not impossible.

You too can build a store online, grab the attention of your targeted audience, and boost sales. And all this can start with choosing the right platform for your eCommerce website.

Here are the best eCommerce platforms we picked up:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WooCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Weebly
  • Adobe Commerce
  • 3dcart

Choosing the right eCommerce platform plays a major role in your online sales growth. There are some crucial factors that you need to consider while picking a platform to develop your online store.

Here are those predominant factors:


If you are a startup or a small business, the budget could be a major concern. Hence while looking for an eCommerce platform, consider the price factor. Though we are not suggesting you go for cheap options that don’t offer many benefits. There are a few platforms that are budget-friendly as well as efficient.


No matter which platform you choose, make sure it’s SEO friendly as it is very crucial to help your site make visible on higher search results. If your site is SEO-friendly, customers can easily find your products and services while searching on search engines.


More than 60% of products or services are searched on handheld devices. So make sure the eCommerce platform you choose offers responsive design or builds a mobile-friendly store.


No customer would prefer shopping and doing transactions on a site where security is not assured. So choose an eCommerce platform that is security compliant and makes the checkout and payment process safe and secure.

Customer service

Some of the major concerns of online shopping are payment failure, unable to place an order, return a product, product not delivered. In such cases, customers demand instant support or help. So wisely pick an eCommerce platform that offers efficient customer service.

Best eCommerce Platforms

To make your selection easier, we have listed the most powerful eCommerce platforms and are also in sync with these above factors:


When it comes to eCommerce platforms, Shopify is quite a known and popular name. The full-featured online store solution is easy to set up and use. Whether you want to sell via the website or social media, Shopify will effectively help you amplify your sales online.

With the best SEO features, mobile-optimized themes, 24/7 customer support, and one-click selling, Shopify is a money-making platform. Anybody can use this platform but for the more advanced features, developer help will be required.

Shopify Features

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Most dropshipping integrations
  • Omnichannel Selling
  • Built-in selling features
  • No limits on products, bandwidth, or disk space
  • Free SSL certificate included
  • Includes shipping and inventory management tools
  • Offers POS

Shopify Pros

  • Quick setup
  • Ease of use
  • Easy integrations
  • Offers multilingual support
  • Built-in analytics for important business stats
  • Detailed individual reports

Shopify Cons

  • No free plan, but a 14-day trial is available
  • The basic plan lacks gift cards and monthly reports
  • Limited customization
  • There is a transaction fee if you use a third-party payment gateway.

Integrated Sales Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, Walmart Marketplace, and Google.

Best for: Drophsiiping, print on demand, handmade, boutiques & small stores, brick and mortar

Shopify Pricing

There is a wide range of pricing plans available. Transaction fees would be charged if you are not using Shopify payments.

Basic ShopifyShopifyAdvanced Shopify
Monthly Price$29$79$299


If you are looking for simply the best eCommerce platform for expansion of your retail brand on online address then Bigcommerce is an ideal choice. With exceptional store management capabilities and powerful features like unlimited product categories, discounts, coupons, return policy, shipping options, BigCommerce offers great commerce experience to both business and its customers.

The platform is also strong with SEO performance and beautiful theme designs will make your store easily noticeable. Many big and successful eCommerce brands are using BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Pricing

There are pricing plans to suit every budget. Even the higher plan offers budget convenience as you can pay annually.

Monthly Price$29.95$79.95$299.95


Mostly popular as a website builder, Wix is also a good option to build a simple store with essential features. The user-friendly editor and over 500 templates make Wix one of the best platforms for easy store building.

There were some SEO issues that have been resolved now but since it’s a website builder, it offers quite limited features for an eCommerce store.

Wix Pricing

From business basic plan to an enterprise plan, different pricing packages are available to fit your pocket.


Just like Wix, even Squarespace is a website builder with wide appealing template options and design capabilities. It is now also a full-blown eCommerce platform that is beginner-friendly. The simple drag and drop feature makes store building as simple as ABC.

The attractive design and imagery with mobile-friendly features surely help in grabbing the attention of a good number of potential customers worldwide. Unlimited products, product categories, inventory management discounts, coupons, shipping are some of the essential features offered by Squarespace. 3% of transaction fees would be charged but this eCommerce store builder is budget-friendly.

Squarespace Pricing
Basic Commerce Advanced Commerce
Monthly Price$26$40


A true eCommerce, fully functional online store builder is the definition of WooCommerce. It’s a WordPress platform which is completely beginner-friendly. If you are familiar with WordPress then WooCommerce would be just a cakewalk. If not, just youtube tutorials will also ease the process.

WooCommerce is flexible, highly customizable and super SEO friendly.

Woocommerce Pricing

This platform can be used for free. However, you may have to pay for some extensions and themes.


It is a cloud-based eCommerce solution provider that makes selling online easily attainable. Premium theme options, rich SEO features, drag and drop feature, customize facility all these together make Volusion an ideal eCommerce platform to build a digital store.

The dashboard offers learning materials so using Volusion won’t be much of a trouble.

Volusion Pricing

The pricing is a bit tricky but it’s clear that some of the notable features are available only with higher pricing plans.

Personal ProfessionalBusiness
Monthly Price$29$79$299


Weebly is a professional eCommerce tool with custom templates and responsive themes to build an online store. This platform powers more than 40 million websites worldwide and is a top choice of startup entrepreneurs.

SEO is not its plus point but still, other essential features make it an ideal option.

Weebly Pricing

There are 3 pricing plans available, Choose a plan that best suits your online business.


The best open-source platform with great design and functionality for a successful eCommerce website. Magento is certainly a solid choice with a long list of features. Whether it’s SEO, customization or flexibility, Magento proves to be the best.

Recurring payments, content edition, discounts, membership subscriptions are some of the notable features offered by this open-source software.

Magento Pricing

Magneto can be used for free but for full-fledged eCommerce, paid enterprise solution works better.


With some of the most practical features, 3dcart also hits the list of top eCommerce platforms. However, it’s not beginner-friendly and requires technical expertise. The powerful shipping solutions make 3dCart different from other eCommerce platforms. It is also SEO friendly.

3dcart Pricing

This platform does not charge any transaction fees and the pricing plans offered by 3dcart are quite affordable. So you can definitely give it a try.

Startup StoreBasic StorePlus Store Pro Store
Monthly Price
(when paid annually)

Most of these platforms offer all the necessary features that make online selling successful. So choose what suits your business and budget the best. We hope, this list helps you in making a wise choice.