8 Types of Content to Promote your eCommerce Business on Instagram

If you think Instagram is a photo-sharing platform just for photographers, celebs, travelers or food bloggers, then you are wrong. Yes, Instagram undoubtedly is a platform where you spot visually-appealing images and videos but every eCommerce business should also know the fact that Instagram can be a significant marketing channel to promote their products.

Statistics below might help you to know the power of Instagram.

More than 200 million Instagram users around the world, visit at least one business profile, each day.

Approximately 60% of Instagram users have discovered new products on Instagram.

So this signifies that brand and business content on Instagram has inspired a lot of audiences and the best content has also converted into sales.

Setting up an Instagram business account is as simple as ABC. The real task is sharing the right content which unfortunately the majority of eCommerce businesses fail. Marketing on Instagram is not just about posting high-resolution pics, it has to build a connection with the audience in such a way that it spells sales.

Here are some effective types of content you need to share as an eCommerce business to generate traffic and sales:

Share products with context

High-resolution product images – Great! But that’s not enough. You need to convey a compelling message that supports the images and convinces the audience to make the purchase. Here content strategy comes into action.

When you decide to post product-focused images, make sure the Instagram followers understand what is the product all about and how it can benefit them. The content should be completely relevant to the product displayed. You can also share real-life scenarios or past customer experiences about the particular product.

Focus on a variety of content

Don’t restrict your Instagram content to product images. Fill your Instagram feed with a variety of attention-grabbing posts, so that when the follower scrolls down your Instagram profile, they don’t get bored with the same type of content.

You can occasionally post attractive videos, behind-the-scene videos, events, customer photos, staff photos and much more to elevate the interest of the followers in your brand. You can also post how-to videos which can be an effective technique to compel people to make a purchase. Maintain a balance of content to keep your audience engaged as much as possible.

Customer photos

Customer photos will work as customer reviews that will encourage potential customers to make a purchase. Most of the online shopping is influenced by customer reviews, similarly, happy customer photos on your business page post can create a positive impact on Instagram followers.

Encourage your customers to share their experience on their Instagram page, using your brand hashtag. You can repost it or share it in your stories. Regram customer’s posts to catch attention.

Instagram Content Example # boohoo.com
Source: Instagram @boohoo

Interactive content

Interaction with customers plays a crucial part of social media marketing. Positive feedback from customers helps you to amplify sales and also it comes as an opportunity to thank the customers for their response. This builds a positive customer relationship.

Even negative feedback should respond to. If customers are addressing a certain problem, then you should offer them help support and also try to resolve the issue to avoid future problems.

Apart from feedback, interaction can also be in the form of polls, quizzes, contests which can drastically increase customer engagement. Photo contests are quite popular on Instagram. This can be an effective strategy to increase customer engagement.

Use of hashtags

Hashtags work as keywords on Instagram. Don’t be hesitant to use as many relevant hashtags as possible for your brand. Remember, if you want to build your brand recognition, the use of hashtags is a must. You can start promoting your own brand hashtags and additionally use the most trending hashtags to get noticed.

Make sure whatever hashtags you use, it is relevant to your brand, only then you can attract the right audience and expect sales. Also, convince your loyal customers to use your brand hashtags in their post where they are flaunting your brand. This will build curiosity among other Instgarm handlers and they would check out your products.

Instagram stories

Why just concentrate on posts? Instagram stories have a lot much to offer. The 24 hour, disappearing nature of Instagram stories is a great tool to entice customers. It’s a unique and engaging way to connect with the target audience. A story with a simple call-to-action button can have impressive results. Just a sneak peek of anything you want to promote will build curiosity, so you can add action button like shop now, see more which will compel the visitors to take instant action.

Your eCommerce brand Instagram story can feature a variety of content like polls, videos, user-generated content, behind the scenes clip, new product announcements, discount offers and much more.

Run a contest

If you want to increase traffic, increase followers and also increase customer engagement then nothing can work better than running a contest. Support your contest with attractive visual content and attention-grabbing text. The message should be well-presented and also be clear about what the contest winners would be winning.

You can share the contest link in your page bio and add a story. Don’t forget to use the right hashtags and ask the participants to share it with friends and family. This way you can target a larger audience and drive sales.

Instagram Content Example # toofaced.com


Instagram Content Example # bl101.com
Source: Instagram @baseball_lifestyle101
Instagram Content Example # boohoo.com


Post inspirational quotes

If you are done with enough pictures, start playing with words. Use inspirational quotes related to your brand to promote your eCommerce business on Instagram. Quotes can trigger the emotion in the right way and make the followers feel more connected to your brand.

For example, if you are offering sunglasses, you can post inspirational quotes related to travelers, sunglass fanatics or vision safety that will engage the customers and convince them to buy sunglasses. Results also suggest that quotes have shown significant engagement, so you can certainly use them as a marketing tool.

Instagram has made multiple moves to make it an eCommerce friendly platform. In fact, the platform is now gradually transforming into a full-fledged eCommerce channel. With some latest additions, customers can now right away make a purchase from Instagram itself without a need to navigating to the website.

So use this powerful channel wisely and make the most out of it.

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