A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

Have you ever considered Instagram as a platform to promote your brand? If not, then it’s to take this photo-sharing app seriously as it is proven to be an effective marketing tool. Many brands have gained a lot of traffic and amplified their sales by getting products and services promoted by influencers on Instagram. Influencer marketing can be really lucrative for any eCommerce business.

Why go for Instagram influencer marketing?

According to the current market trend, influencer marketing is much more effective in reaching a targeted audience than traditional marketing strategies. It helps in increasing brand awareness, grow followers and extensively drive sales.

Out of 800 million+ active users, 72% are said to buy products related to fashion, beauty, and style on Instagram. Thus, this proves the power of the digital platform.

The influencer plays the role of a trusted source who perfectly introduces your brand to the potential customers on the genuine platform, Instagram. The recommendations grow trust among the audience which eventually compels most of them to take action.

How to find the right Instagram Influencer for your Brand?

Since you have now understood the significance of Instagram influencer marketing, it’s now time to follow the most challenging step of choosing the right influencer for marketing your brand on the globally famous digital platform.

Track who is already using your brand hashtag

There might be popular influencers who are already using your brand hashtags. Conduct research and get to know such potential influencers. If you already have a brand page for a long time, then certainly there might be fans who are attracted to your brand. Start and track interactions of such engaged fans. You can target influencers who have a maximum number of followers and maximum reach.

You can add these potential influencers to your favorite list and build a relationship step by step.

Find relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtags can also lead you to the right influencers. In case you are not so popular brand, don’t worry you can still reap the benefits of Instagram influencer marketing. Just like searching for influencers as mentioned in the above point, you can search for influencers who are using hashtags relevant to your brand. Find potential accounts having content that suits your brand. For example, if you are a restaurant or food brand, you can look for foodie influencers or chefs. Similarly, if you deal with travel accessories, you can look for travel bloggers or wanderlusts who would rightly influence the target audience.

Try using relevant hashtags and search for influencers. Once you find such accounts, check if they are suitable for your campaign. Also, check if they are having a good number of followers. The posts they are putting on their page should be of high-quality. If you find such potential influencer who rightly match your need, just start approaching instantly.

Make use of tools

If you are finding it difficult to find influencers that suit your niche then you can start using influencer marketing tools that will lend you support in your quest. It will simplify your search by presenting you with the most relevant influencers list based on the keyword or category that’s relevant to your brand.

The tools are available for free and paid both. Consider your target audience and your campaign requirements and accordingly find the potential influencers. Meticulously analyze your brand needs and then choose the influencer. Some of the popular tools to search for influencers are AspireIQ, Neorach, Tagger Media, Influence.co., BuzzSumo, Discover.ly, Ninja Outreach, BuzzWeb, and Upfluence.

Start campaigning

Now after you’ve right influencers for your brand, it is time to kick off with the campaigning. On the basis of your set goals, start an Instagram influencer marketing campaign. If you are not sure about the type of campaigns, to begin with then here are some ideas:

Run contests

Contests are a very engaging type of campaigns on social media channels and also effective in grabbing the attention of potential influencers. You can arrange a giveaway contest and offer some free products. This will work as a brand awareness program, engage the new audience and also convert them into your followers. And if they find your product interesting, they will definitely think of promoting it.

Instagram contest example: prettylittlething.com

Source: https://www.instagram.com/prettylittlething/

Sponsored posts

Just get your product featured in your influencer’s content or ask them to post some interesting stories about your brand on their page. All this can be done by paying influencers. A sponsored post is a type of campaign that helps to attain the specific goal you’ve set for your brand.

Instagram Sponsored Post Example #1. idealofsweden.eu


Instagram Sponsored Post Example #2. yogalicious.com


Offer promo codes

Give an extra push to your campaigning by offering promo code. If the conversion is your ultimate goal, then along with a free product sample ask your influencers to also present promo code to their followers. Even influencers love to offer such promo codes to their fans. You can play smart by using your Instagram handle as a promo code.

Instagram Promo Code Post Example #1. kendrascott.com


Product review or feedback

Product reviews always work in amplifying conversions and sales, especially in an eCommerce business. Influencers reviewing your product can help to build customer loyalty. Positive reviews will aid customers in buying decisions. But make sure the review is as honest and genuine as possible. It should not look like a promotional review or an advertising gimmick.

This type of campaign will help your brand to reach out to a larger audience, build trust and eventually boost sales. You can also post your influencers’ testimonials on your page to impress your followers and potential customers.


Instead of hiring any celeb or known face to promote your brand, why not ask for influencers to film a commercial for you? You can shoot some small commercial or vide with your influencer either using your brand or talking about their experience using your product and post it on your Instagram page or IGTV. This can also work as a great customer relationship building exercise. Such programs have witnessed good results in encouraging potential customers to turn into loyal customers.

These are not the only way to Instagram influencer marketing. You can analyze, make changes and alterations and come up with campaigns and strategies that work best for your brand promotion.

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