Time-tested Techniques to Build Email List for your eCommerce Site

When you decide to sell products online, a standalone eCommerce website can compel the customers to buy but you cannot be guaranteed with 100% sales. Additional efforts have to be put to increase your online sales. Not every first-time site visitor will be convinced to make the purchase but they can be convinced to at least submit their email address.

Email marketing is still and will be an effective channel for eCommerce stores to amplify their sales. The more subscribers, the more you can generate sales. So to unleash the power of email marketing for your eCommerce business, certainly, you will require a list of email subscribers. Whether to want to add more subscribers to your existing email list or create a new list, here are a few simple steps to create email lists that will help your eCommerce store to gain exposure and generate quick and new leads.

1. Email Pop Ups

The first opportunity of increasing your subscribers is by adding email popups to your website, particularly the homepage. It is one of the easiest and effective ways to get subscribers. However, many website visitors find email popups annoying but if you can add some element to grab attention then it might work in your favor.

Rather than simply asking the visitors to submit their email ID, you can offer discounts, offers, coupons to attract the visitors and compel them to register their email address. Results have shown that attractive popups have dramatically improved email signups.

Email pop ups on eCommerce websites have increased subscriptions by 6 times.


This opt-in form using a discount wheel popup that visitors can interact with. For a discount wheel pop up Optinmonster, Wheelio, Spin-a-Sale, and Optinspin are the best choices for woocommerce based eCommerce sites.


Loverly visual, related to the product design and short copy makes it great.

2. Signup Forms

The traditional but quite noticeable way to increase your subscribers. Sign up forms on the navigation bar or footer is a good place as it doesn’t occupy your screen space and at the same is easily noticeable. It is actually declared as the most optimal location to encourage visitors to subscribe.

You can either use signup forms solely or complement them with email popups. Signup form on footer also works effectively on mobile devices. Just a bar with a simple call-to-action button is a powerful way to gather more subscribers. You can also add some incentive or discount offers to grab instant attention.

For increasing your email list, the footer is by far still the most logical place to start with.


Kate spade has a Clean and stylish email list sign up form in the footer. They are collecting zip code information for geographically targeted emails.

3. Sign-up Buttons on Social Media

Ecommerce brands generally have good followers on social media, hence it turns out to be a good platform to improve your email list. It’s a great channel where you can use any of your brand’s USP or any highlighting element to grab your followers’ attention and compel them to subscribe.

You can include a call-to-action button, direct sign up form or add a link in your bio to encourage your followers to become your email subscribers too. Most of the social media channels are link friendly, except for Instagram. However, you can use any bio link tool to leverage your network.

4. Make Use of the Chatbot

Efficiently use cutting edge technology to increase your online sales. The automated messaging-focused medium, the chatbot can also be helpful in expanding your email list.

You can provide some special discount or offer and in exchange, ask for their email address. This way you can take full advantage of the automated messaging channel and increase your subscribers.

5. Email List Building Tools and Apps

Third-party tools can be apt for collecting email addresses of potential customers. You can integrate any of the suitable third-party apps with your eCommerce store and make it interesting with any offer.

Most of these third-party tools offer a variety of ways and features to convert visitors into subscribers. Most of the tools are available for free. Some tools offer subscription form while some tools just add a small button which when clicked opens as a popup. You can also add a subscription page. Integrate whichever works for you the best and build your email list.

Third-party tools have emerged as the best technique to improve the quality and quantity of subscribers.

6. Create Engaging Questionnaire

It’s simple! Create a survey, engage your target audience, turn them into your subscribers and build your long email list. A questionnaire is one of the time tested strategies in growing customer engagement.

In this new age of email marketing, survey or questionnaire is a positive path in building your brand reputation and also making a strong bond with your potential customers. You can create and share a questionnaire on any of your social media channels, incorporate some special offers like for example, ask the person to fill the form and get up to 20% off.

Real news – One of the businesses implemented a popup survey technique and its email list grew almost by 500%.

7. Offer Giveaways

Businesses want subscribers and customers love freebies. So it is clear, run a giveaway on your eCommerce website and in exchange collect their email addresses. Select products wisely which you want to present as a giveaway, plan properly and then kickstart with your email campaign.

You can create a popup, also build a dedicated landing page for the giveaways or even present it on your social media pages. Make sure the prize you offer is worthy and clear, accompany it with a catchy headline so that the potential customers find it compelling. A call-to-action is also quite essential.

Giveaways can accelerate your email list growth even in the early days of your online store.

8. Email Referral System

While trying to grow an email list, email referral system can be key to increase the list. You can simply ask the readers/visitors to share the content they like on your website or include sign up page links or simple call-to-action on the newsletter and ask the readers to share it with their friends who might be interested.

Rewarded referral works the best. You can ask your readers to share it with their friends and in return assure them with some great discounts or coupons. This will work as a chain and the email list will organically grow. Make sure whichever technique you use is an easy-to-use process, then only it will work in your favor.

The email referral system can be a small step resulting in immense growth.

Building an email list for your eCommerce site is not at all complicated. You just have to follow these simple tips and see how rapidly your email list grows.

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